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Here you can found some resources to your TI-89!


Program Type Description Screenshot From Author
Base ASM Convert numbers from/to any base (with fractionary)  

PUCPR Afonso
Logic Function Simplifier TI-Basic Simplifies logic functions using the algorithm of Quine McCluskey and generates truthtables. Allows more variables than the Karnaugh-Veitch (KV) diagram.

ticalc.org Florian Poltschak
Logical Suite v1.34 TI-Basic Do anything with Karnaugh table...interactive editing, simplifying, saving as function, reloading and circuit drawing!!! Supports '0', '1' and 'x' when doesn't matter (with 4 vars only) After editing it makes the synthesis of 4 bits synchronous counters with JK flip-flops and runs the counter to verify it is 'non-blocking'

ticalc.org Thiernesse Vincent
Logic Designer 2.1 TI-Basic A nice graphical editor and simulator for circuits of digital logic gates with on-calculator help and load/save. Supports gates (N)AND, (N)OR, XOR, EQUIV, NOT, constant 0 or 1, junction, switch, and light. Version 2.1 fixes several graphical glitches in the editor and makes various other enhancements.

ticalc.org Matt McCutchen
Logic Toolbox TI-Basic Logic is a group of functions and programs created to support Boolean logic operations like interactive True-Tables and Karnaugh's maps.

ticalc.org Paolo Silingardi
LM v1.0 ASM This program generates exact minimal SOP or POS expression from minterm or maxterm lists, using the Quine-McCluskey algorithm. Electrical Engineering Alex Astashyn


 - GTK+ 2.6
 - TiEmu3+GDB

Windows TiEmu is a multi-platform emulator for TI89 / TI89 Titanium / TI92 / TI92+ / V200PLT hand-helds.

TiEmu Web Site Romain Liévin
Kevin Kofler
Christian Walther
Olivier Armand
Lionel Debroux
Patrick Pelissier
TIGCC Windows TIGCC is mainly a C compiler for the Texas Instruments TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200 calculators. It is based on GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection. TIGCC IDE Main Window The Official TGCC site Kevin Kofler